Kotka Open 2011


Kotka Open 2011 will be held on the 2nd of April 2011 in Kotka, Finland.

Venue: Pihkoon koulu, Aartapolku 41, 48400 KOTKA

Buses from Helsinki to Kotka and Karhula, the nearest stop is Sutela, 2.5 km from the venue.
Train from Kouvola to Kotka.
Local bus number 2 from Kotka (Ruukinkatu) to Jäppilä.


Huom! Events may start earlier or later than estimated.

The format of the events is usually average of 5. Exceptions are noted in the schedule.

Saturday April 2nd 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
* Magic and Master Magic
* 3x3x3-cube with feet [mean of 3]
* 4x4x4-cube blindfolded [best of 3]
* 5x5x5-cube blindfolded [best of 3]
* 4x4x4-cube
* 3x3x3-cube fewest moves [1 attempt]
* 3x3x3-cube, first round
* 3x3x3-cube one-handed, first round
* 2x2x2-cube, first round
* Break, 30 min.
* 3x3x3-cube blindfolded [best of 3]
* 3x3x3-cube, semi final
* 3x3x3-cube one-handed, final
* 2x2x2-cube, final
* 3x3x3-cube, final
* Pyraminx
* 5x5x5-cube
* Megaminx
* Winners' Ceremony

The amount of competitors is limited to 30, so please register as soon as possible. Events may also have time limits.

Participation fee
There will be a participation fee of approximately 10 euros (competitors only) to cover the costs.

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Registration on the WCA web site.

More information: Petri Vanhala (achille.poirot@yahoo.com)

Regulations in English
Regulations in Finnish

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